Monday, May 27, 2013

Knot the Done Thing

Interesting results of last week's experiment with variegated yarn. The yarn has very long repeats of colour so the neckwarmer and hat looks as if they have been knit with different colourways. They haven't. Both pieces used the same ball of Wisdom Poems Sock yarn together with Madeline Tosh Light in Fig and Antler. As you can see, the neckwarmer/cowl (call it what you will) didn't get out of the green/tan repeats, while the hat is all autumnal oranges and browns (with a hint of green at the bottom of the ribbing.) I would have preferred a mix of all of the colours in each piece, but all in all, a reasonable result for an experiment.

And my verdict on the yarn? Love the MadelineTosh Light. But the Poems Sock??? Well... it's really inconsistently spun with occasional yarn blobs and weak sections;

And there were knots, which wouldn't have been so bad if the mill had continued the colour sequence on either side. But no, they ignored that. There were two knots in the ball; one where the colour jumped from green  to brown and other (below) which switched from orange to brown. Very poor quality control.

It also seems odd that Poems is marketed as a sock yarn. It's very fuzzy - as you can see from the cast on edge of the hat, the fibres were already fulling slightly as I knit. Goodness knows how it would wear as a sock. I wouldn't recommend it.

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