Monday, June 3, 2013


Anyone who knows me well knows that I am definitely not a Pom Pom girl, but I do like Balls. Eh? What??? Knitted balls, that is. On the tops of hats, oh and trimming the occasional shawl… I like Anna Zilboorg’s method, which is quick and easy to knit. As you can see, although you are knitting a sphere there are only a few stitches, so you can knit the whole thing on 2 needles;

R1) Start with 8 stitches on the top of your "hat" and knit one round in st st
R 2) *M1, K2; repeat from * to end [you now have 12 sts]
R3) Knit one row without increasing
R4)*M1, K1: repeat from * to end [you now have 24 sts]
R5) & R6) Knit all sts without increasing [it's starting look roundish]
R7)*k2tog; repeat from * to end 
You now have 12 sts again [definitely looking round]
R8)Knit all sts without shaping. Then wind a tiny, tight ball of yarn - big enough to fill the ball you have just knit [honestly, this is the trickiest bit!]

... and then stuff it down into the little cavity;
 R9)*K2 tog; repeat from * to end [6sts remain]
And finally.. cut the yarn, leaving about a 30cm tail. Thread yarn through a tapestry needle and fasten off 6 sts [but don't cut the yarn yet...]
...because wait, there's more... Insert the needle into the top of the ball and pull yarn out at the base of the ball
Then wrap the yarn around the base several times
And now insert the needle into the base of the ball and pull the yarn out through the top of the ball
Pull the yarn tight and trim the end. The yarn end will disappear back into the ball. And there you have it. Sweet!

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